If there’s one thing the Macindoe Family loves it’s dinners together – Cooking with fresh, local ingredients, eating delicious meals, and sharing a bottle or two of wine in the kitchen, and later at the dinner table. We like to grill. Scott is the grill master with his cooked-to-perfection steaks, pork chops, chicken breasts, salmon filets and skewered shrimp. And, well, we can’t get enough pasta with grandma’s sauce. And we do like our chicken noodle and carrot ginger soups, I must say. But…one meal, one meal alone, is the family’s claws-down favorite: Fresh from the Pacific Ocean, Steamed Dungeness Crab, served with browned butter and sourdough bread. The crab flag flies high at The Macindoe Ranch on Crab Night as there’s no finer sight on a plate than a plump, steaming, red, leggy, succulent crab, dense with sweet (yet savory!) meat.  Yum!

Through the years, though, it became apparent that something was missing. What was it? What could make this meal complete?

A vision came.

One day, Scott, the second of Ruth and George’s three children, had a Vision. A Vision of 1) Family; 2) Friends; 3) Dungeness Crabs; and, the missing ingredient: 4) The perfectly balanced dry white wine to pair alongside it. The wine should have a mineral essence to complement the flavors of the sea, citrus notes to cut through the rich, buttery flavor of the sweet crab meat, and low residual sugar so as not to overpower the delicacy of the meal. Scott, the adventurer, the optimist and the entrepreneur decided to move to beautiful Oregon wine country and vint one himself.  With a touch of art and a dash of science, Macindoe Family Cellars’ Melon de Bourgogne wine was born. But Scott’s passion didn’t stop there. He wanted to (and did) create a whole portfolio of fine wines to share with his family and friends. To that end, he designed MFC’s elegant, yet approachable Pinot Noir wines, a full-bodied Roussanne, and a charming Viognier Dessert Wine that takes the place of, or complements almost any dessert. Check out our wines page for a description of our wine collection, and share some with your friends and family today.